I began this project with an invitation for collaboration on my blog, At the time, I was interested in creating paintings that were less cathartic, fertilized by the ideas of others. I was touched by the stories I received, each one heartfelt and deserving of becoming an artwork.

In the spirit of Ex-votos or retablos, these little tin artworks were painted about the gratitude, miracles, protection and prayers. As I worked on these paintings, it didn't seem that I was simply illustrating the ideas of others but I was sharing, exchanging with them. A felt the sweet saddness of wanting to hold and smell my new born babies one more time, I felt the triumph of turning my own tajedies into victories and I felt fear at the fragility of my own mortal body. I came to realize that as individuals we are all unique, and we are also very much the same.

Thanks to all who sent stories. I hope you enjoy the paintings.

More Paintings