About Cassandra

Cassandra Christensen Barney paints personal visual narratives. Her paintings quietly depict stories about love, gratitude, sorrow, and hope. Via her blog, Cassandra frequently asks viewers of her work to respond to issues and questions that she is investigating in her art. She is passionate about her art, but she considers the relationships that she builds in life the sustaining and creative force behind that passion. Therefore, the stylized figures in each of her works are largely based on unique self-reflection in response to that which is not the self. Cassandra enjoys the hot, arid summers of Utah and the lushness of her garden. Her paintings are rich in color, and she is inspired by her environment, the liveliness of her home, and travels. She is a mother of three beautiful girls. Her husband, Daniel, is also an artist and educator and considers himself her biggest fan. Cassandra Barney received her master’s degree in Fine Arts from Brigham Young University in 2000. Her artwork can be seen in galleries across the United States.